Shweta Rathore

An International Physique Athlete, Cover girl, Celebrity, Speaker, Mentor, Transformer, Entrepreneur, Role Model, and the Pride of India.

The events that created this persona

She created history by winning the Miss World and becoming the first woman from India to be Crowned a World Champion in Physique sports. She is the first woman from India to be crowned as, Miss Asia- Fitness Physique has created a record by scoring a hat trick and winning Miss India in Fitness Physique.

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A challenging journey from being Fat to Fab

The journey was difficult, even as she understood the significance of fitness at a very young age. She was constantly bullied as a “fat" child in school, thanks to her broad body frame. But in a way that is uniquely embedded into her persona, she transformed this impediment into an opportunity. She began to frequent the gym regularly and took part in sports. During this process, she built up a good body, which helped boost her confidence levels. At a very young age, she understood the need for fitness and realised nutrition's importance.

Taking the leap into Fitness forever!

Later, during her college and corporate career, she took along the habit of training for fitness and opting for proper nutrition as a part of her lifestyle

During this period, she realised the lack of correct information related to fitness and nutrition, and she was constantly faced with people who bandied the wrong advice about these subjects. Many believe only film stars, models or celebrities require a fit body! This severe lack of the right approach to fitness in one’s life troubled her, and she kept thinking of ways to influence people to take the right way to nutrition and personal fitness.

Yet she realised that her role as a GM of Marketing in a large corporate was a challenging podium from which to educate people about their health and nutrition.

Choosing a New Career in Fitness

She was so convinced about her mission that she left her corporate career and focused on developing herself as a professional athlete. She chose to be a part of the Physique Sports competition. During this period, she worked with candidates with whom she shared her insights that being fit and becoming an athlete is not merely a physical transformation but helps the athlete gain confidence, poise, mindset and firmness in decision-making, which emanate from being mentally healthy.

She took on this approach and communicated about the different kinds of workouts, nutrition, mental health and more.

Every Vocation needs a Role Model.

During this process she realised the lack of a "Face of Fitness" - a personality and an icon that would inspire and motivate people to tread this path.  Given the absence of such a person – she decided to become the “Face of Fitness” to help others.

Thus began her journey into being a Professional athlete.

Her hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed, and she became the World Champion in Fitness Physique. This was but the beginning, and she went on to amass accolades and awards.
Her journey had begun, and it was marked with new and higher levels of achievement.

The Awards and Accolades just poured in:

She became the:

  • Best Fitness Icon of the year by IIIA and Jio news
  • Shweta Rathore is the first female physique athlete from India to achieve several remarkable milestones in the field of fitness and sports. Her achievements include:
  • Winning the prestigious Miss World Fitness Physique title in 2015.
  • Becoming the first female physique athlete from India to secure the Miss Asia Fitness Physique title in 2016, held in Uzbekistan.
  • Making history by winning the Miss India Fitness Physique title for three consecutive years in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Earning the esteemed title of Fitness Icon from Shri Ravi Shankar in 2017.
  • Being crowned Miss International Fitness Diva by the Dubai Government in 2017.
  • Receiving the Inspiring Model of the Year award from Zest in 2018.
  • Winning the Fierce & Female Award in 2018, presented by Yuva Sena.
  • Recognized as a Pioneering Woman Leader by The World Leadership Congress & Award in 2020.
  • Honored with the Healthcare Leadership Award by ABP News Healthcare Award in 2021.
  • Named among the 100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leaders (Global Listing) by the World Health & Wellness Congress in 2022.
  • Receiving the Women Achiever Award by DAEC in 2023.
  • Shweta Rathore is rightfully celebrated as "The Pride of India" for her outstanding contributions to the world of fitness and her numerous accolades in recognition of her achievements.

Leveraging her name and fame to promote Fitness

She leverages her name and fame to endorse fitness and healthy lifestyles, and over time she has emerged as the Advocate of acquiring a healthy body and mind that is fit in every way.

She endorses these through her social media platforms which have millions of followers, and through Seminars that she conducts in various schools and, Colleges, & Corporates. She teaches multiple types of training sessions, and she is always available when people need any assistance.

This is the platform that she has created.

The Platform and the Plan

Her vision is to make everybody fit and healthy in body and mind. She believes that fitness should be accessible to everyone. She has created this platform to fulfil this need.

Shweta Rathore invites you to join hands with her to bring to fruition this vision.

Together we can make India FIT!

And in the process, make every citizen a better version of themselves, mentally and physically.

Fitness is not only for celebrities- Just as education is a fundamental right of everyone- and so should the right to fitness.

Fitness plays a crucial role in advancing society.

With her extensive experience, knowledge and expertise, Shweta Rathore can deliver the proper knowledge and mentorship for the ordinary citizen to incorporate fitness – as part of their life.

We have created this platform so that the transformation and the learning of Shweta Rathore should not be restricted to her life alone. She desires every Indian to take on the challenge of Fitness in their lives and live healthily and long.

Be a part of this platform and transform into a  better version of yourself.